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pet animal portraiture photo of: DOGS, CATS, horses, pets

pet animal portraiture photo drawn or Painted: Custom portraits Commissions -Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horse Portraits Pets: oils, pastels, charcoal
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Tips on Pet Animal Photo of: DOGS, CATS, HORSES, PETS

Pet Animal Portraiture photography tips made to order from your photos

Photography Portrait Tips - Pet Portraits Cats, Dogs,Birds, Rabbits, Horses etc

If you have decided to get a portrait done of your pet, then really think about the pose that best typifies how you will always want to remember them by. Next put aside some time for the photographying of your pet. Have your camera ready, be patient and take your time for that best shot. You can get someone to help you engage your pet into a game or maybe just photograph them in some of their unusual sleeping poses be it Cats or Dogs. Here are some Great Tips on Pet Animal Photo of: DOGS, CATS, HORSES, PETS. Pet Animal Portraiture photography tips made to order from your photos.Pet or Animal Portraiture Photography made easy

Have a Treat or Toy, Camera, Friend ready

dog toy for photoThis is helpful to get the attention of your pet. So if you are taking the photo have a friend nearby to assist in positioning the pet. Wave the treat under the nose of your pet and lift it up to the camera.

NB. I often make a portrait from several photos of the subject so don't worry how many photos you take to get what you want. I like the photo to be about 5 pixels, clear and in focus and all the pet parts together.

Location for the Portrait - Garden,home,or on holiday!

Make sure there's contrast - a dark background for a light-coloured animal for example helps me to see your pet more clearly. This photo of a dog portrait was taken again a garden that the owner loved. The stricking play of light made it an interesting portrait.

Beaches or gardens make great backdrops for dog portraits.

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Pet portrait photo tipsUse natural lighting when possible. Go outside if you can. If taking photos inside, get close to a natural source of light and please do not use a flash so close to drain the colours out of their coat. A flash is necessary for dark coated dogs so you get a sheen on their coat. You could take one photo with the flash for the coat effects and one photo without the flash and using natural light on the face for the correct colour of the eyes etc. Avoid red eye at all costs!

A Reward: Don't forget to have a reward for your pet for letting you take the photo. Your reward will be when you get that portrait exactly as you want

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