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Best animal pet drawing: Portrait Artist- Custom portraits Commissions -Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horse Portraits Pets: charcoal, pencil
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania- Portrait Artist

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Charcoal Pencil Animal Pet Portrait Sketches - Dogs, Cats

Custom portraits Animal Commissions - Dogs, Cats, Horse and Animal Portraits Art Paintings

Charcoal Animal Pet Portrait Artist Pet Paintings dogs, Dog, Cat, Horse and Animal Portraits, Art sketch artwork

Professional Portrait Artist: Cynthia Hargraves provides the best professional custom portraiture for order. Her service is local,experienced, reliable and affordable. She is an Australian Artist who will fly to locations for requests for portraits in remote areas. Paintings are by design from photos,sittings or pictures to paintings. Google Analytics guides decisions to portray this information in terms that you can easily locate the Commissioned gift portraits for adults,babies,children,teenagers and pets. Commissioned art portraits gifts paintings extend from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Queensland to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth, other rural areas of Australia as well as overseas. For more on Cynthia Hargraves Qualifications, Experience, Art exhibitions and Gallery information view her Resume.Please view Clients Testimonials on the service. More information on the Process of Commissioning a Portrait Painting can be viewed on this link>>> How to get a Portrait Painted

Ring: 0488 288 512 or EMAIL

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